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Columbia, Pennsylvania, August 15, 2012.DMC Products is pleased to announce that it has signed an agreementtoday with Bo-Mer Plastics, Inc. for exclusive distribution of their made in USA self-watering Earth Planters tothe lawn and garden industry. Additionally, DMC Products will also have exclusive distribution rights to marketthe Earth Planter line though it’s numerous e-commerce partners such as,, and

With drought concerns nationwide, particularly in the Midwest, now more than ever demand for self-wateringplanters is increasing. DMC recognizes that the Earth Planter line offers the best extended care self-wateringplanter available. The patent-pending design is the result of ten years in research developing the technologyto create its unique wick system that provides consistent delivery of water to the plant’s roots. While other so-called “self-watering” planters on the market require 8-12 weeks of traditional daily watering to establish rootgrowth and reach the water reservoir, the Earth Planter begins providing “self-watering” immediately by bringingthe water to the roots. Now consumers can go days, weeks, even months without watering their plants. Eachplanter’s reservoir holds plenty of water for extended periods. They also include an overflow to release extrawater during periods of rain, thus preventing overwatering.

Bo-Mer Plastics recognizes the strength DMC has in the marketplace with their quality products. “It is a greatextension for DMC to enter the growing segment of self-watering planters”, says Tom Herbert, president of Bo-Mer Plastics. Mr. Herbert also stated that “DMC has a great brand and distribution model in place, particularly inthe growing e-commerce segment of their business where they have the facility and operation to provide directfulfillment nationwide through its online retailers”.

DMC also plans to work with Bo-Mer to develop self-watering inserts for their existing products as well, thusproviding the consumer with a wide range of planters that feature this amazing technology.

Based in Columbia, Pennsylvania, DMC Products is a manufacturer and distributor of quality lawn and gardenproducts sold throughout the USA and Canada by various garden centers, supermarkets, national retailers,hardware stores, and on-line companies. Bo-Mer Plastics is located in Auburn, NY and is a manufacturer ofthermoformed plastic products which has been in business since 1946. For more information on Earth Planters,you can visit